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Indie Catalog is a online resource for musicians, artists, and producers looking for any or all of the following,
  • Get paid from the music you make.
  • Get your  music played on the radio.
  • Get a radio interview with radio host live on-air.
  • Network with other professional indie artists.
Once you pay the membership there are no other fees. Indie Catalog receives 0% of each sale sold in the catalog. So no out of pocket charges, no catch and no contracts, ever!
Underground Top 40 Radio is also known as UT40. It is a "underground" independent artist radio station.With the same professionalism as the FM stations of yesteryear.This means if you are NOT signed to a record label you are welcome to become a "Indie Pro".Only "Indie Pro's" are eligible to get played on the radio.
No.We are able to make our services affordable because we keep our over head low.Long story short, bandwidth is expensive and bulk uploads would be costly. However if you share our website with every friend you know, and they did the same we can just about guarantee the upgrade soon after.

All of our members are eligible to get played on the radio.

Become an "Indie Pro" HERE

Selling your music on Indie Catalog is easy.
  1. Start Here
  2. Upload your music and album cover.
  3. Set what you feel that the music is worth.
  4. Promote it!
Not at all.But you will need a Visa/MasterCard etc... or PayPal account. (PayPal account not necessary to make purchases)
When a customer downloads your music you get paid automatically via the PayPal email you provided when you signed up.Billing Support Here
Any kind of music that belongs to you. We do not restrict creativity, however we hope its at the least something positive.
Hmmm we are trying to figure out how to answer this.... give us a few.